Video Marketing Example: Tell a story and show your area

Below are some notes about the process

This is not a project that was really planned in the sense that I didn’t know what I was going to make before I started filming.

I just knew I was going out with my friend on his boat so they could go paraglidin

With that said, it was pretty easy to put together. I simply grabbed content of the process of preparing to go out, and I documented each aspect of the day.

I used the B-Roll Grabber Kit on the following shots:

  • The boat trailer view looking back on the road as the boat was pulled to the landing.
  • The shot of Brad and Jarrod in the boat, and on the way to Kiawah Island.

I used the drone for most of the other shots, and used Screenflow to show my screen and showcase my IDX website.

The hardest part about this video was really coming up with the storyline after having all of the contents. I normally start a video by writing a script first, but it’s sort of went in reverse in this case because I needed to experience the day so I could reflect back and make it make sense.


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