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How to Convert Web Leads Without Forcing Them to Register

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November 9, 2021




Nat Wallen

Nat Wallen

Charleston Realtor

About the course

Forced registration does not help your brand. In fact, it makes people angry. And yes, we need to collect web leads, and yes chasing down fake names and numbers is a waste of time.

So what do we do to get new business on the web.

Consider this…

The web is filled with homes for sale. But what’s missing? That’s the key!

Frequently asked questions

As a Realtor in Charleston, SC I have tried everything. For years I forced people to give me their email after seeing ten properties.

In 2017 I decided to turn off forced registration, and begin just giving helpful info. This course will help you do the same.

Yes, you will! In fact, with the right presence on the internet, they will willingly seek you out.

No, this is a free course.

When I worked in a very transactional way, chasing FSBOs and Expired listings, I had a “fear of not having enough” mindset. This was limiting.

Now that I run my business with video, my mindset has changed. Now I want to help agents everywhere because I believe that with the good you put out into the world, more chances to grow and succeed will present themselves.

Preferably an IDX website that you control. Meaning you can make changes to. If you don’t have that, then a blog will work. Even a simple landing page builder like Click Funnels or Lead Pages will do. But a good IDX site is good for more than just this.

Nat Wallen

Charleston Realtor